Knowledge creation, assimilation and dissemination are key research objectives at IILM Academy of higher learning, College of Engineering & Technology. Research and publications at IILM focus on direct integration of research into teaching-learning process. With this aim, the institute tries to nurture, inculcate and develop a vibrant research culture in various functional areas viz., Accounting, Finance, Marketing, OB, HR, CSR, IT, Economics, International Business, Physical sciences, Humanities, Engineering etc. and provides an excellent opportunity for Research, consultancy and Training. The research is encouraged in all spheres viz. action research, applied research and industry focused research. Our research ethos emphasizes integrating research directly into teaching learning process. We motivate faculty members to present their intellectual contributions both at national and international academic forum, through well- rounded research funding norms. Our research policy focuses on encouraging and exploring new frontiers of knowledge, aimed at fostering better learning experience for our students.

The objectives of IILM’s research activities are -

  • To develop a research culture and to work out a research agenda for implementation ofthe same

  • To integrate research outputs with the curricula through teaching - learning process, wherever appropriate.

  • To effectively disseminate IILM's research output for greater visibility amongst our key stakeholders - academic community, students and industry through publication of research journal, MDPs and consulting, among others.

  • To develop an interface between industry and research-output so that students can be benefitted.


IILM will educate and develop innovative, entrepreneurial and responsible business leaders.


We will offer with wider access, and in an inclusive and responsible manner:

1. An academically rigorous, practice and research supported management education based on principled and ethical values, which maximizes the value add from entry toexit.
2. An inspirational learning environment which fosters the understanding of disruptive, technological changes; challenges current assumptions, and encourages relentless and continuous innovation andlearning.
3. An outstanding practice based and work related learning experience, supported by simulations and case studies, which focuses on the application of knowledge and skills and is globallyrelevant.
4. Personal mentoring which respects individuality and inspires students to become responsive and responsible businessleaders.
5. We will facilitate business and management research that leads to the creation of actionable knowledge, improves the understanding of management practices and provides inspiration for innovation and entrepreneurship.